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The Game of Prague Tour
means to explore Prague
at your own pace and enjoy it.
Dibujo de brazo con armadura y lupa de The Game of Prague

The Game of Prague has been thoroughly prepared for you with a good portion of wit, a few pinches of humour and handful of fun – all spiced with great Czech culture.

We cannot reveal much about the adventure.
The Game of Prague sorprende
We want to surprise you!
But as in any other good game, we can give you some hints so that you are not afraid of playing with us!
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The Game starts with your booking.

You just need to fill in a simple form to let us know your needs, the number of players, the date of the Game…

The Game of Prague can be adjusted based on your preferences, since we offer a nice range of options available in our special menu. We are sure you will find the best version of The Game of Prague that will become Your Game of Prague.

Once we have received your reservation we will be in touch with you to confirm it and to reveal you the first clue:

The map showing the start of your Game.

Nos citamos en The Game of Prague

We will meet there.

Seréis recibidos por uno de nuestros guías

You will be received by one of our guides that will give you our unique magic bag.

The bag will contain all the clues that will mark your way and also a fabulous logbook that, in addition to being very useful, contains more riddles and surprises.

¡Ya podéis empezar a caminar por las calles de Praga al ritmo de la aventura!
And you can start exploring the streets of Prague in the rhythm of your adventure!
¡Ya podéis empezar a caminar por las calles de Praga al ritmo de la aventura!
¡Ya podéis empezar a caminar por las calles de Praga al ritmo de la aventura!

Your guide will meet you again at your last stop to reward all the brave players with a small prize and, if you feel like it, to discuss the game while enjoying a refreshing and delicious beer made nearby (or a soft drink). And the drink is on us.

En la última parada volverá nuestro guía.
More information about the Game that you might find useful:

Any questions?

Read these answers.
(at least to the most common ones.)

Precios de The Game of Prague

Prices of The Game of Prague are based on the numer of players.

Dificultad de The Game of Prague

You will have to solve a couple of riddles and complete several tasks (obligatory and optional ones if you want). In addition, you will be provided with some extra hints to open in case you are having troubles solving something.
You do not have to be big fans of games to enjoy it, the only necessary thing is you wanting to explore and enjoy Prague.

Duración de The Game of Prague

It depends on your rhythm and on how easy it will be for you to solve the riddles and complete the tasks. However, we can estimate that it will take you between 3 and 5 hours. You will walk around 4 kilometres in total although you might travel a bit more in case a clue leads you to the Prague public transport.

Our tour starts at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30 or 10:00 in the morning (if this does not work for you, we can always try to find another time).

Dinámica de The Game of Prague

It is simple. We will meet at the specified meeting point. The Game of Prague guide will explain to you how the game works and will give you our magic bag with clues (envelopes, boxes…), map, something to write with etc. In addition, you will receive a logbook that will guide you around the city.

We will say goodbye (at least for the moment) and the clues will take you to stops where you will be completing tasks related to the visited places (answering a question or something similar) exploring so Prague and the Czech culture, at your own pace.

At the final stop, you will receive a small prize for completing the Game and we will celebrate by discussing your experience and drinking a beer made in Prague (which is on us). If you feel like it, we will give you some extra tasks and of course tips on what else to do in Prague.

Number of players
The Game of Prague para para grandes grupos
Our tour-game is made for 2 - 6 players.
Número de jugadores en de The Game of Prague
If there are more than 6 players, you can divide into more teams or play as one group.

We have thought about options for the large groups as for those who want to play on their own, all options are in our special menu.  

If you are a large group (20, 40, 100 players) or if you are organizing activities for such groups, we can divide you into several teams and you can play simultaneously, competing between the teams.

Furthermore, we can offer you some good price deals.

The Large-Group Game

If you enjoy adventures and the freedom of travelling on your own, you are sure to love this special version of The Game of Prague –  The Solitaire Game.


To break the ice between those players that do not know each other or they do and they want to spicy up their relationship, there is The Ice-Breaking version of The Game of Prague.

One session of The Game of Prague for a small group or for various teams playing simultaneously is the ideal team-building.

The Game of Prague es para todos los públicos. Kampa.

Simply, The Game of Prague is for everybody...

  • To start in the morning (at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30 or 10:00) to finish the game with a refreshing drink (the local beer we are inviting you to) and then you can go directly to lunch.
  • Dress comfortably – you will be walking around the city, so make sure you are not cold, especially in the winter months.
  • And wear comfortable shoes.
  • It will never hurt to carry a bit of water with you
Recomendaciones de The Game of Prague

At the moment,The Game of Prague can be played in English, Spanish and Czech

And if you are studying or teaching any of the languages, you also have the option of playing with your students or classmates The Language-Learning Game.

Any questions?

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