is a tour of Prague
designed as a treasure hunt

The Game of Prague
allows you to discover
and enjoy Prague
by solving riddles and following clues.


Are you thinking about what to do in Prague while visiting the Czech Republic? The Game of Prague is the best way to explore the most charming European capital. It doesn’t matter if you are staying for 2 days or 2 months, you will have fun and at the same time learn a lot about the Czech culture.

If you are looking for alternative ways to enjoy Prague, what about exploring the city while playing The Game of Prague. You will have to find your way around the city, search for clues, solve riddles.. and will be rewarded by discovering the mysterious and enchanting side of Prague.

During the tour-game, you will see the best of Prague, not only the must-see landmarks but also hidden corners that many people do not know about.

The Game of Prague
is an exciting and unique tour
in streets of Prague
Simple and interactive

“Explore and enjoy Prague at your own pace”

Have fun and learn
a lot of new things without noticing!

We have given a lot of thought to our clues, tasks and short stops, so that you learn a lot of things about Prague and the Czech culture without noticing and while having heaps of fun.

Follow the clues, solve the riddles .. and take away the best of Prague in our magic bag.

Enjoy a fun adventure in Prague at the same time as you explore local gastronomy, history, art hidden in the streets, its architecture, monuments, daily life of local people, their parks, riverbanks…

If you travel to Prague as a couple, with your family, friends, colleagues from work, children, pets, on your own…if you are coming to explore, visit, work, without any particular reason, to celebrate something… or if you are already here and want to have fun and learn about the Czech culture and local customs, you will love The Game of Prague.

You can play now in English, Spanish or Czech.

El juego de las ocasiones especiales We can personalize the game to suit any occasion or to introduce these two friends of yours that you think would make a great couple, or to finally meet up with those friends that never have time.

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Dibujo de brazo con armadura y lupa de The Game of Prague
Follow the clues!

Discover how to play The Game of Prague

Believe it or not, The Game of Prague is also great for a blind date, it is an original ice-breaker that will help you to get to know each other naturally. Uložit

Gift cards

The Game of Prague is a great gift for everybody.

Precios de The Game of Prague

The price of The Game of Prague derives from the number of players and the type of the Game.

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La mejor opción para descubrir Praga y la cultura checa a vuestro ritmo.

The best option for discovering Prague and Czech culture at your own pace

And if you want to meet new friends in Prague, or improve a bit any relationship, give somebody a truly original gift, or practice languages, view our options in the special menu.

La mejor opción para descubrir Praga y la cultura checa a vuestro ritmo

Special menu

The Game of Prague can be modified to fit your requirements. In fact, we already have some special versions of the game on our menu.

The Large-Group Game

If you are a large group or you organize activities for one, we propose to divide the group into several small teams playing simultaneously.

Una mañana de team building ideal con el juego refuerza-equipos
The Team-Building Game

One session of The Game of Prague for a small group or for several teams playing at the same time is a perfect team-building opportunity.

The Game of Prague para estudiantes de idiomas
The Language Learning Game

The Game of Prague is a didactic and fun way to practice and improve languages.

El juego del solitario de The Game of Prague
The Solitaire Game

If you are a traveler and you would enjoy playing on your own, we have a special option for you.

El juego acerca-personas de The Game of Prague
The Ice-Breaker Game

Ideal to introduce people that do not know each other or that want to spice up their relationship.

El jueDibujo de una flor. The Game of Prague para las ocasiones especiales.
The Game for Special Occasions

A few changes to personalize the content of The Game of Prague will make for a lovely celebration of any anniversary, birthday or any other special day.

Equipo Sorpresa de The Game of Prague

The Surprise Team

If you want to form part of the Surprise Team instead of playing with people that you know, here is a great option for you.

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Behind the scenes

Meet those who make the game happen.

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