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Give the Game of prague as a gift

What about giving somebody a spring morning full of fun in Prague?
Aprender y disfrutar de Praga

Give The Game of Prague to your friends, a those who are visiting Prague, your grandma, your son, your boyfriend, your teachers, your boss, your best enemy or to anybody else…

The Game of Prague

You can give them the basic version or one of our delicacies from the Special Menu.
Surprise them with a unique experience!

Aprender y disfrutar de Praga.

Give The Game of Prague when you want: to celebrate a special occasion or to make any day in the calendar more special.

Hoja de cerezo de El juego de Praga.
Advantages of The Game of Prague

The Game of Prague can convert itself in a gift that will make anybody happy.

Giving The Game of Prague as a gift will not cost you any extra fees

The recipiend will receive the gift card through e-mail, with no extra fee.  

The Game of Prague vuela hasta quien tu quieras
The gift can fly to anybody that you choose

We send the gift card to the lucky recipient or to you, so that you can enjoy giving it to him/her personally.
It is up to you.

The gift card enables you to surprise your friend on her birthday, to arrange a blind date for those two friends of yours or do anything else that you want.
To do so, we recommend you to check out The Ice-Breaking Game (we will contact the players and tell them where to go and when) or The Game for Special Occasions (this option enables you to include some information about the players, to personalize the whole experience).

Los checos van mucho a recoger setas.
Conditions for giving The Game of Prague as a gift

The main condition is your wish to make somebody happy.

The rest is as simple as filling the booking form, choosing the way in which you want to send the gift card.

Once the booking is confirmed and paid for, your gift-card can start travelling to the lucky recipient. 

The player/s will receive an invitaiton to play by e-mail or, if you want, by traditional mail. In case you want a postman to deliver the voucher, there is a small fee, please see below. 

Give wings to The Game of Prague

There is an extra fee of CZK 300 ( ≈12 €) for the gift card printed on paper (with stamps and everything).

Consult our prices to ge a better idea.

The gift card has a temporal validity of 3 months for the recipient to choose the date to play (in case it is not specified on the voucher).

Booking form

Provide us with more information below:

    Giving The Game of Prague as a gift

    Tell us, among other things, who the recipient of the gift is and if you want to include a special wish in the gift card.

    *Obligatory fields

    Contact person

    Necessary to sort out some details.

    There is a fee of 6 euros for this option, ≈133 CZK

    There is a fee of 6 euros for this option, ≈133 CZK

    Choose your gift

    If you are interested in choosing something from our Special Menu, indicate it here.
    In case you want to book the basic version, do not choose anything.

    About the group

    Estos datos nos permitirán ofrecer una mejor y más personalizada experiencia de juego.

    If there is more than 6 players, you can play in one team or more 😉

    Setting up the occasion

    This information will help us to prepare a more personalized experience.

    If there are more than 6 players you can play in more teams. 😉

    Setting up the group

    This information will enable us to make your experience better and more personalized.

    Si sois más de 6 podéis jugar en un grupo o varios equipos 😉

    Configuremos la situación

    Estos datos nos permitirán ofrecer una mejor y personalizada experiencia de juego.

    Setting up the Game

    The following information is essential for organizing the game.

    Additional (and optional) information

    Send your request

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    You will shortly receive our response with details about your game and the payment. 

    Once the reservation is confirmed, we will reveal you the starting point. 

    See you soon in Prague! 

    The “all-inclusive” price of The Game of Prague tour is:

    If there are 2 players: 950 Czech crowns (≈37 euros) per person.

    If there are 3 or 4 players: 800 Czech crowns (≈31 euros) per person.

    If you are 5 or 6 personas: 650 Czech crowns (≈25 euros) per person.

    If there are more than 6 players: 600 Czech crowns (≈23 euros) per person.

    The options from the Special menu have a special price based on the number of players and the extra details included in each options. 

    See this table to explore them. 

    The gift card is for free if sent you to online. If you want us to send it to you by post, there is an additional feel of 300 CZK (≈12 euros).


    You can pay by card or by Paypal.

    Or let us know which way works the best for you.